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Product Description:

From: Jonathan Mizel and Tim Gross.
To: Friends of Corey Bornmann.

Aloha and Welcome,.

If you wish to explode your sales to 6, 7, even 8 figures and beyond, listen up …

My pal Tim and I have actually been sending out e-mails, leasing lists, and mailing deals for over 20 years. Not to boast or anything, however we’ve most likely sent by mail in the community of3– 5 billion industrial e-mails each, perhaps even more.

All opt-in, CAN-Spam Compliant, and 100% legal. No monkey company.

Not to point out the millionsof names we’ve personally gathered, or the countless projects we’ve produced for our customers and ourselves.

Bottom line is we understand e-mail marketing inside and out.

You will find the system we have actually utilized to develop several marketing empires, and you’ll get to see us develop a brand name brand-new company in the Weight Loss Niche, totally from scratch

You’ll even get to peek under the hood and see the arise from 16 of our real-life e-mail marketing projects.

Prior to we enter all that, there are a couple of misunderstandings we require to clear upabout getting traffic with E-Mail Marketing and Solo Ads:.

    • Fact is, you cancontrol any specific nichewith e-mail marketing. That’s the primary concern we obtain from our customers … “Will it operate in my market?” The response is yes. Even if you wish to controlsomething unknown like the “Model Train” specific niche, you completely can;–RRB-
    • The second concern … “Does this work for affiliate deals?” Yes, obviously when you understand how responsive e-mail traffic is, you’ll most likely wish to keep it on your own;–RRB- Most sharp affiliates develop their ownfunnels to gather customers. The truly wise ones develop their own deals to serve their people.
    • If you remain in a scalable market, like Health, Financial, Self-Help, or Biz-Opps, here’s some excellent news. That’s where 90% of the lists are, and it’s where the majority of the “traffic trading” chances are too. You’ll marvel the number of individuals will provide you complimentary traffic, and how simpleit is to structure those type of offers as a win-win.

OK, so with that things covered, let’s speak about how to develop a your own marketing empire. Here’s the standard formula …

Offer + List + Funnel + Follow-Ups =.
Rock Star Profits

Let’s break that down.

The Offer

The trick is offering things individuals wish to purchase. And to figure that out, you wish to study your competitors, and here’s our huge trick on how to do that …

Subscribe to their listsand view what they promote, how frequently they send by mail, what type of messages they send out, and what they are offering. You can find out a lot by merely studying what your rivals are sending by mail out, it’s insane.

Discover to like your spam folder;–RRB-.

The List

Worldwide of High-Volume E-Mail Marketing, you desire a fresh, responsive audience that purchases today anddown the line. We just recently ran an e-mail project to promote a weight-loss deal utilizing among our preferred E-Mail networks.

We did terrific, gathering a lot of names for future marketing, and making sufficient loan to spend for the advertisement, with some earnings left over. We understand this specific audience likes Weight loss uses since of previous experience with the list, and since other marketers keep running diet plan deals

That’s a huge idea off. They most likely work if you see the exact same kinds of advertisements running day after day.

The Funnel

Let’s speak about the Funnel part, because that’s truly the most crucial. Any schmuck can purchase targeted clicks and send them into a sales page.

That’s what most internet marketing is, schmucks purchasing clicksand direct connecting since they do not desire to invest the time to develop a funnel. They desire a fast hit (till it quits working).

A great funnel, even simply an easy capture page in front of a sales letter, acceptsthe Long Game and improvesyour earnings per visitor. When you improveyour earnings per visitor, something unique occurs … You can pay for topay morefor traffic.

And when you can pay for to out-bid rivals since you’re making more loan, you truly do own the marketplace You’re no longer chasing after “low-cost clicks,” you’re on the path of something much more profitable:.

Return on financial investment.

The finest possible result is your rivals end up being affiliates and begin sending you their traffic since they make morethan they do monetizing it themselves.

Hell, even the worstresult is still respectable: You get a great deal of safe traffic and only pay when individuals purchase. I’ll take that any day.


Keep in mind, email traffic is pre-disposed to choosing into your list, so do not squander the chance, particularly when you can quickly double your earnings over direct-linking by getting them to decide in and follow upwith a strong e-mail series.

Naturally, that implies you need to record names, which implies you require a capture page and a thank you page and auto-responder and all that things. And you need to compose some follow ups, and a little copy.

We are all grown ups here? You most likely have that things in location. And if you do not, it’s due time you get with the program.

This isn’t amateur hour.

A fair bit can be achieved with simple tools like, WordPress, OptimizePress, and an account. A minimum of that’s what we utilize.

No brain surgery degree needed:–RRB-.

OK, so what’s the Email Traffic Academy?

It’s rather merely the most thorough training we’ve ever done about getting e-mail traffic, list-building, and Solo advertisements:.

    • Real nuts-and-bolts advertisement purchases set out for you to see
    • Our lead to dollars and customer counts, no punches pulled
    • The whole project technique and believed procedure

It’s like you are our quiet partnerin this brand-new company, and you get to see the outcomes of the genuine advertising campaign much like we do. And obviously, you get the capability to do the exact same thing by modeling us.

Tim and I invested the in 2015 improving this system and producing, taking whatever we understand about driving traffic with e-mail and follow-ups and solos. We produced a thorough trainingthat’s structured much like our Traffic Evolution Training.

The product exists in such a way that makes good sense without being frustrating. There are 8 Modules and 16 Case Studies, and while you get access to whatever at the same time, the training is created to be taken in over 8 weeks.

It’s a “master class,” the conclusion of our 2 years of experience marketing with e-mail distilled into actionableactions, letting you instantly utilize our efforts and experience.

The training is broken down into 8 quickly absorbable Modules …

    • Module 1: Uncovering offered lists and traffic partners— The primary step is discovering who the gamers remain in your specific niche. Discovering who’s got the traffic, lists, and is currently running deals.
    • Module2: Building a killer e-mail funnel— The best e-mail funnel has an address collection function, a tripwire, an exit technique, and a secret component that can increase earnings 500%.
    • Module3: Designing and composing your innovative properties — Tricks to get clicks, and “spy relocations” to end up being an e-mail Ninja.
    • Module4: Testing and tracking outcomes— Managing split-tests, subject line tests, landing page split tests, and more.
    • Module5: Enhancing traffic and earnings— Remarketing, offering information, co-reg, affiliate deals, and other arbitrage chances, consisting of list leasing and employing a broker.
    • Module6: Your follow-up funnel— Creating a follow up formula that turns potential customers into consumers.
    • Module7: Staying certified with CAN-Spam— Protect your click-through and open rates, and remain aboveboard.
    • Module 8: Scaling and working out Advertisement Buys— How to purchase and work out e-mail marketing and get your marketing on a risk-free-basis.

The Modules consist of text, demonstration videos, and screenshots. Tim and I draw back the drape and provide you basically whatever we understand about e-mail marketing.

Unprecedented Access To Our New Business

A couple of months back, Tim and I chose to develop abrand-new companyin the weight-loss specific niche. The concept was to develop a list, promote affiliate deals, and eventually develop our own items.

We chose to spend for this company with aself-liquidating funnelthat would cover the advertisement expenditures with commissions. That method, we would not run out pocket much at any offered time.

We likewise chose to record our start-up actions and preliminary e-mail projects so you can see precisely how we do it, you can generally design our system and do the exact same thing.

If you could view 2 specialists develop out e-mail projects with a bolt-on funnel that is really self-liquidating, recording the entire thing from starting to end (while making countless dollars), well … what would that deserve?

We expose the actions we take, and let you see into our AWeber, ClickBank, and Tracking accounts. You’ll see the capture page tests we run consisting of the several teasers and sales copy, why we selected particular headings, where we got them (there’s an important technique to that), and the specific outcomes we obtained from our tests.

You’ll find how specific tests can be deceptive, and how to be sure you’re taking a look at the best metrics. If you believe the greatest transforming capture page is constantly the most successful, wait till you see the 3rd case-study!

See us develop our follow-up series, consisting of the the real messages we send out, and “Test Fast” so we can get the ball rolling.


You’ll get all of them …

    • The one that didn’t make a single sale. How we regrouped, altered course and made a profit after that.
    • Which capture page did the very best out of whatever we checked (it was an overall surprise, and the idea can be used to lots of other specific niches too).
    • The unusual advertisement we checked that did an instant 300% ROI on advertisement invest.
    • How we earned a profit and got a lot of names totally free 7 out of 9 times.
    • Which heading created the greatest opt-in rate.
    • Which heading made one of the most sales (they weren’t the exact same).
    • … And a great deal more.

Absolutely nothing is kept back, which’s where much of the real worth of this training originates from.

We’ll be sharing whatever:


The 16case research studiesreveal our screening procedure and how we scale up!

Having the ability to view us resolve these difficultiesis what will provide you the inspiration, the motivation, and the self-confidence to make those exact same choices in your own company.

Have these things ever occurred to you?

    • You run a project to an affiliate program item utilizing your own capture page that makes back 50% of your financial investment … What do you do?
    • You run a project that recovers cost however it’s to a little list you can’t truly increase … What do you do?
    • Have you ever run some preliminary tests in a specific niche and felt you “were on the brink of something huge” however didn’t understand how to modify it into a winner?

You’ll find:

    • How to place your deals to strike it huge with e-mail marketing, in both customer and B2B items.
    • How to conceptualize cross-promotion “concealed” associated items for your lists that can take advantage of brand-new streams of earnings.
    • Specific funnel/ listbuilding chances for e-mail promos you can make use of.
    • How to regroup if a promo crashes and burns (it occurred in among our case research studies, as assured we reveal the excellent, the bad AND the awful.) Here’s how to turn possible bad into semi-bad into right and not-so-bad your course.
    • Data-driven choices, and how to verify your outcomes to guarantee you’re making the best ones.
    • How we checked more capture pages than you can shake a stick at for not a great deal of money (it assisted us drop the 5 worst-performing opt-in pages lickity split).
    • How we designed effective projects without breaching hallmarks or copyrights.
    • Our distinct technique that will operate in almost any specific niche that has rivals.

Become A Certified Email Marketing Expert

This training will get approved for a whole brand-new profession. In addition to having the capability to run e-mail traffic to your own items and affiliate deals, you’ll likewise be certified to run traffic for consumers or customers. You can:.

    • Become a list broker
    • Become a JV or traffic broker
    • Start offering solo advertisements yourself

What’s The Tuition?

We have actually each personally made 7 figures in sales in a range of marketsdoing what we’re going to reveal you. We Put both’ve more deposit with these specific e-mail approaches than from any other marketing technique we’ve ever utilized.

Just how much is essentially endless traffic worth to you? What about a million dollar advertisement source? Or the lots of countless dollars of additional moneyyou’ll generate screening wise rather of losing loan on stopped working advertisement purchases?

Depending upon your circumstance it might be $10,000, $50,00, $100,000, or far more.

Clearly, we aren’t going to charge $100,000 for this training, however if you wished to employ us personally, and have us both concern your workplace for a couple of weeks and reveal you all this things, that’s what we ‘d charge.

Email Marketing Academy is a 2 month master class, created to cost $1,995, and honestly that would be a good deal. This training is based upon countless dollars ofreal-life testsover 15+ years, and the case research studies alone deserve the rate.

We are in fact in pre-launch today, and if you go the our primary website, you’ll see the Email Traffic Academy is not even for sale (you need to get on a waiting list). For buddies of Corey who went to the Webinar, we chose to do something various.

This training can spend for itself rapidlywith the increased revenues (and expense savings by not losing loan on bad sources and projects), when you use what we teach you.

Friends Of Corey– 50% Off Discount.
Expires Tuesday, April 7th,2015

Here’s the offer: If you are among the initially 100 individualsto register prior to April 7th, 2015, you can end up being a complete member of the Email Traffic Academy for simply $499

When the click strikes twelve, or if we we struck the 100individual limitation, we will shut this deal down. Listen. we desire this to be a no-brainer for you, and if you are a severe Internet Marketer, you can currently see the worth.

Not just are you conserving loan, you likewise get this info prior toeverybody else, and for a minimal time, you likewise get the …

Active Coaching Bonus

Individuals have stated the most important part of their Email Traffic Academy subscription is the active trainingwe provide to individuals when they have concerns and require aid. And while it’s certainly a big time-investment for us, we do it since it offers optimal advantage to members, while likewise keeping us on our toes.

That’s why we are going to include this as a perk for buddies of Corey. We wish to make certain we have the energy to respond to all your concerns, which is why we’re restricting subscription to the very first 100 individuals.

In the future, this will be an upsellto the training, a $995worth, which you will be securing free when you sign up now. We charge (and get) $750/ hour for consulting. You can pay that rate or you can sign up with the Email Marketing Academy and get endless training for complimentary( I understand right?).

The only offer is that you need to ask your concerns in the member location so everyonegets the advantage of our reactions.

Another thing I wish to make completely clear, this deal is just heading out to those of you who signed up for this Webinar, you can’t register any other method. You’ll get the greatest level of gain access to at the least expensive possible ratewhen you end up being part of this.
You are going to like the Email Traffic Academy if you like hot responsive traffic!