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Want to Become a Highly Paid Expert FAST?

Do NOTWrite a Book … Do THIS Instead.

This 1 Simple Technique Could Catapult You to Six Figures and Beyond by Christmas 2015

Dear Friend && Visionary Leader,

You understand how there’s been a great deal of talk over the last 10 years about how you can end up being an immediate specialist by composing a book?

Maybe the “book” of 2015 is really top quality videos.

Any person can author and release a book now, which’s specifically real with Kindle and the countless poor quality books released on that platform.

But not everyone can make expert quality training videos.

Of course, one objection I get all the time is this one.

Individuals state, “Wait a 2nd, you believe it’s simple to release on Kindle? It’s even EASIER to publish a video a to YouTube!”.

Yes, it holds true there are countless videos on YouTube, however 90% of them are poor quality scrap.

That’s why, if you require time to make PROFESSIONAL training videos, you will stick out like BMW in a parking area loaded with old run-down Ford Escorts.

In other words, individuals will NOTICE you, PAY ATTENTION to you, and start to see you in a various light. They will take you seriously and regard you. When you ask them to,And they’ll be more most likely to purchase from you.

You might be believing ” Why would I wish to take my company to the next level & & market with video?”

The Reality Is Creating Videos That Educate & & Add Massive Value UpfrontBefore Asking For The Sale Is How Ordinary People Make High Six-Figure Incomes Online …

Without Big Lists of Email Subscribers.
– Without Doing Crazy Amounts of Coaching & & Consulting (trading time for cash).
– Without Doing Dozens of “Strategy Sessions” or Speaking Gigs a Year.
– And Without Any Special Talents or Skills

You’re In The Right Place.

I can relate, due to the fact that a little over 7 years ago that was me.

I had no e-mail list, no customers, no program of my own, no technical background, and no experience with video.

(**************************** ) I Knew I Was In Trouble And Almost Gave Up & Quit!

I just had 2 visitors visiting my site each day, and I understood that if I didn’t repair this FAST, there was no chance I was going to have the ability to get to my objective of making $250,000a year, in my company.

I was having a hard time to earn money online, and didn’t have the cash and experience to play russian live roulette, or to bet with pricey marketing.

I understood that I required to discover an option, rapidly.

I Discovered A Way To Drive Highly Qualified Traffic To My Website Without Having To BeInauthentic, Or Sounding” Salesy “(************** ) (************************************** )

I inadvertently came across a video on youtube discussing how I might draw in competent traffic totally free with basic video and youtube. I discovered how I might utilize my life “story “to produce effective impact, desire and trust nearly quickly with my perfect customers, where they were all set to” purchase charge card in hand. “(******* ). (*************************************** ) A Single Decision Forever Changed My Life.(************** )

I chose to put myself on electronic camera.

(*************************************** )Not due to the fact that I wished to, however due to the fact that I understood that it would be the fastest method to get SEEN by my perfect customers.(******* ).(************************************ )The idea of putting myself” out there” on electronic camera horrified me. I didn’t wish to look or sound silly in my videos, and I typically compared myself to the other “expert’s”.

I’ll be straight and inform you that it wasn’t ideal the very first time out( The lighting was horrible and I needed to do20takes. Sometimes it was downright unpleasant).


I’ll inform you that this one choice altered my life.

This one choice developed a cause and effect that permanently altered my life and brought me here to you, today, in this minute.

It Worked!$(*********************************************************************** ), 000in sales in simply one hour …

To make a long story short, I offered and released out my very first program The Social Media Traffic Blueprint and created$100,000in less then60minutes of the cart opening.

I had100customers join me in the program, and no this was notsome low ticket front end program either.

(***************************** )$(******************************************************************** ), 000… A Quarter of a Million DollarsIn Sales. In Two Short Weeks With A Small Email List Of Less Then3600People


Did I discuss that I did this with a little list of less then3600individuals? That’s quite uncommon.(******* ).

This wasn’t simply some” one hit marvel
” either, due to the fact that I chose to re-launch the program 4 brief months later on, which project created over $150, 000 in sales.( thus my label the Video Marketing Queen)

(************************************ )If I can do it, with great principles you can do it too.

(*********************************** )(***************************** )I’ve Been Able To Now Generate Millions Of Dollars In Sales With The Help Of My Videos(************************************** )

(************************************ ) (***************************** )Today I have an organisation that has huge effect, that serves customers all over the world, assisting them to produce a significant 6 or 7 figure company with video.(******* ).(*************************************** )I’m blessed to be able to set my own schedule, and my other half and I have the flexibility to take a trip at the drop of a hat, whenever we pick. Now that’s genuine security and utilize.

(**************************** )In reality, including video to your company and marketing is the FASTEST and BEST method to:(************ ).

Be Seen as an INSTANT EXPERT online (************************************** ) ( and to ADD 6-figures to your checking account) All you require is your computer system, your iphone, or electronic camera, some affordable lights, and mic, and you’re all set to go!

-Grow your list, so that you can get your message out to the masses FASTER, as you draw in a worldwide audience

– Fill up your programs, make a BIG Impact while making BIG cash, and reach millions …

(************************************ )– Attract more of your perfect customerswho wish to purchase your programs, and have individuals chasing YOU,( rather of vice-versa)

-Get your videos ranked on PAGE ONE of the leading online search engine,( in as quick as 5 hours), so that you can remain method ahead of your rivals

– Build a significant 6 or 7 Figure company around YOUR worths, household, and preferred way of life

You march from being an unidentified, to being viewed as a Visionary Leader, and somebody that include’s worth to other’s lives, in service.

Having my video advancement has actually assisted me to regularly fill and draw in brand-new customers up my$ 1K,$ 2K,$15K, $(*************************************************************************** )K, & even $100K High Ticket training programs & bundles

(***************************** ) But here’s the catch … You may currently understand from very first hand experience that it’s challenging to get these sort of outcomes by simply” winging it.
” Possibly you’ve attempted developing a couple of videos, with little to no sales, or traffic to reveal for.

My Proven Step By Step System To. Produce A Meaningful Six Figure (or 7 figure Business ),. By Simply Using Video(********************************** ).

You’re not just going to find out how to
create FREE TRAFFIC with top quality training videos, you’re likewise going to find out how to CONVERT that traffic into paying customers and clients utilizing effective sales videos.

(*********************************** )(***************************** )You see, there are really TWO various solutions that you’ll be finding out. Each formula is special. One drives traffic, the other converts it.

(******************************************* ).(******************************************** ).

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside.

The Six Figure Video Impact Program

Maria Andros - Six Figure Video Impact(*********************************************** )MODULE ONE:How To Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar & Marketing Messaging Clarifier-(************************************************ ).(*********************************************** ) (**************************** )

In this module you’ll find out:

My basic yet very effective” Six Figure Survey Formula” and the precise concerns to ask your potential customers.
Without this you’re thinking, and what I like to call” marketing in the dark”. You can utilize this all over in your videos, and even in your copywriting so that your perfect customers actually seem like you’re” reading their mind”.( Hint- This is among the most significant KEY’S to my success )(************** ).

–(************************************* )How to produce a perfect customer avatar profile, that has your perfect customer” all set to purchase charge card in hand.”You’ll rapidly weed out the problem customers, and begin bring in10x more of your perfect customers, who you like to deal with.

(*********************************** )How to produce messaging with self-confidence, that really has individuals” get what you do”, which influences more sales.
This is actually the distinction in between amateur messaging, and” Fortune(***************************************************************** )” business design positioning, and messaging.

Exactly how to produce and utilize “Your Super Hero Story”that you currently have within you, in such a waythat does the selling for you.(************************************** )You’ll find out how to produce instantaneous connection, so that you can Influence quicker then ever prior to.

(************************************* )- The million dollar state of mind you require to need to overcome any worries of making excellent videos.This ONE shift will assist you to have your video advancement, and to assist you to stop hesitating, so that you can lastly produce genuine momentum in your company.(******* ).

(**************************** )MODULE TWO:(************** )(**************************** )Six Figure Video Framework Formula-

(*********************************************** )” How To Have Your Prospects Literally Pre-Qualify Themselves”

In this module you’ll find out:

(***************************** )My STEP-BY-STEP formula for creating and developing a fascinating videothat closes more sales(************ )and generates brand-new customers. (******* ).

– You’ll discover my popular Six Figure video capture page scriptwhich will reveal you precisely how to produce a site video that grows your e-mail list, and transforms approximately50%+.


– How to use the Formula so that you successfully interact the worth of your deal, therefore that you’re viewed as an INSTANT EXPERT.( You’ll NEVER sound salesy, inauthentic, or aggressive once again. )


My EXACT scripts and advanced video copywriting tricks to understand precisely what to state in all your videos.(************************************** )You’ll find out how to produce brief, basic videos that develop fast relationship, trust and desire. (this makes all of your marketing a lot simpler moving on, and far more efficient)(************** )

(***************************** )–Howto fill your programs QUICKLY with videos, and have your potential customers actually pre-qualify themselves.No more needing to” consider it.” Your perfect customers will be all set to invest with you in your programs, today.

Module 3: High Quality Video Production-” Confidently Make Videos That Showcase Your Best Self And That Convert(************** ) (************************************** )(**************************** )( even if on a budget plan)”

A great deal of individuals state Maria I do not even understand how or where to begin with video production. How do you understand what to state, how do you script your video, movie it and release it, so that you get in front of your perfect customers? I’m going to reveal you how to do all of this, and how to do it in such a way that makes you look excellent, which makes you seem like an expert, and a Visionary Leader.(******* ).

In this module you’ll find out:

(************************************ )How to produce an apple design high quality looking video, even if you just have an iPhone.(************** )

My particular
action by action” How To Get Your Studio Set Up Technical Guide & Cheat Sheet”.
You’ll understand precisely how to establish an expert looking video studio in your house &, even on a budget plan. Never ever fear, you’ll remain in the understand about the current electronic camera’s, finest lighting, and microphone suggestions, to make you sound and look like a pro. (even if you’re not technical, and even if you’ve never ever made a video prior to)(************** )(******* ).

(***************************** )–Best modifying software application pointers that conserve you time, so that you can get your videos up quicker.The absolute best royalty totally free music resources for less then $20that produce connection, and a psychological reaction.( keep in mind all sales are based upon feeling, and warranted with reasoning)


(***************************** )My basic” teleprompter route tricks” that actually can cut your production time in half.

Your videos will appear like you’re being shot by an expert videographer.( No more winging it, so that you’ll understand precisely what to state, and you’ll look and sound positive as you do it) (************ )(************** )

(************************************ )And more!

MODULE 4: Video List Building Strategy & Secrets – (************************************** )(******* & ).

” The Secrets To Grow Your List Without Expensive Advertising “(************** )

Youtube is the 3rd biggest site and # 2 leading online search engine worldwide … Imagine what you can do with all that brand-new totally free traffic.

(************************************ )In this module you’ll find out:

How to develop an extremely certified list, that wishes to invest with you.

My particular copy and paste” SEO YOUR VIDEO” Formula so that you can get your video onto the front page of the online search engine in as FAST as 12 HOURS, for your targeted keywords. ( this alone deserves the whole financial investment into the program, when you consider all the cash you’ll be saving money on pricey marketing)

How to target the very best keyword’s for your specific niche, so that you can get more views to your videos, and stick out among the countless contending sites.(Case Studies of customers with videos on Page One of Google)

Setting up your youtube channel for enormous success, and maximum conversion. You’ll find out how to spread your video all over the leading social networks sharing websites with simply a couple of clicks of a button. (the majority of people totally miss this action and it keeps them from actually growing their video empire quicker)

3 Secrets to developing effective calls to actions in your videos, that constructs your list, and has your potential customers wish to go to your site.(this assists numerous customers triple or double their optins)

And more!

BONUS MODULE 5: “Six Figure Video Sales Page Videos That Sell, Without Having To Sound ” Salesy”( worth $1,000)

In this module you’ll find out:

How to craft and produce a video sales video that fill your programs quicker, which makes your perfect customers wish to register with you on the area. ( conserving you time on not needing to offer on method sessions all day any longer)

My detailed formula, and video sales page fill in the blank design template to transform 100% of precisely the RIGHT CLIENTS into your programs. You’ll get real swipe file to design from our absolute best sales pages, that have actually created numerous countless dollars in sales. (You’ll have the ability to download the design template’s and swipe copy, and this deserves the whole financial investment into the program, simply to have access to this)

The finest and simplest software application to utilize (ideal for newbies) so that you can have your video sales page up and running in as quick as 1 hour, and begin earning money. ( you will not need to invest a lots of cash on developers, or attempt to determine complex html coding)

How to produce “result based languaging” and copy that offers, and influences your customers to do something about it now. ( this assists many individuals triple or double their sales conversion)

How to conquer objections rapidly,and the very best methods to produce a sense of seriousness for your perfect customer to wish to purchase now.

And More!

(************************************** )

Who Is This Program For ?

This Program Is NOT For Everyone …


If you’ve ever felt annoyed due to the fact that:(************ )

– You have no list, or you’ve been stuck to a little list of less then1000for several years now.You feel annoyed and do not understand what to do to turn this around, and get genuine quality traffic to your site. – You have not released yourself, or your work online. You’ve been attempting to put all the” pieces of the puzzle” together with other program’s, however you still do not have a strong online existence, placing, platform, or your” very first customer “. .(***************************** )– You’retired of being” the very best concealed” and you typically compare yourself to all the other expert’s.(************ )You’re scared that your material will not be as excellent, or important enough, which you’ll never ever have the ability to make high quality videos. (like they do) – Your company design is created around dealing with individually customers, and you’re still “trading your time for cash.”You do not understand how to produce a constant regular monthly earnings, and often you seem like quiting due to the fact that it’s not occurring as quickly as you ‘d like. You feel tired, and you ‘d like to make huge cash like other’s do, so that you can have more time to do the important things you like. – You understand you’re implied to do something huge in this life time, and make a BIG distinction, however you feel annoyed due to the fact that you have not done it.You feel resistance, overwhelm, and or worry, and you do not understand how it’s ever going to actually occur.(************** ).

The Six Figure Video Impact Program is(*************************** )NOT for you if you are a persistent refunder and have no intent of taking any action.(******* ). Due to the fact that if that’s you this program will be no various for you,

Please conserve us both the time by not investing in the program.(******* ).

If you havebad work principles, slouch, have a victim &” absence” mindset.( or you regularly blame others then this is & not for you )(*********************** )

This program is likewise not for you if you’re not dedicated. (************ ) (******* ). I’m going to offer you the exact same techniques on how my customers and I have actually had the ability to create countless
dollars in sales with the assistance of our videos (and I’m understood for offering a heap away and not keeping back ). The program is particularly created for business owners who wish to draw in customers worldwide, and develop their brand name with
video.It’s for business owners who decline to settle, and who are identified to live their greatest capacity in this life time.

The truth is you’re online, you’re reading this, and you understand that including videos to your marketing can considerably assist you to increase your sales.(************ )That’s why you’re ideal for the Six Figure Video Impact Training Program.