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Dustin’s Method

Dustin’s method to acting is distinct. In this lesson, he exposes the concepts of his technique and how to begin executing it.


Working with a Co-Star: Jerry Maguire Scene Work– Part 1

Dustin has actually had popular on-screen chemistry with the similarity Robert Redford, Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep. View as he teaches 2 complete strangers to construct an immediate bond on set, and after that asks you to attempt the very same Jerry Maguire scene with a fellow trainee.


Relating to Your Character: Jerry Maguire Scene Work– Part 2

Connecting to your character is essential to a piece de resistance. Dustin teaches you how to go through the lines to include feeling and depth to your function.

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Managing Your Nerves: Jerry Maguire Scene Work– Part 3

Every great star gets worried, even Dustin. Vulnerability is essential to bringing depth to an efficiency. Here’s how to utilize your worries to get much deeper into character.


Performing Honestly: Jerry Maguire Scene Work– Part 4

Reveal and access the inmost layers of your character so you can stop pretending and begin being your character.


Critiquing Yourself: Jerry Maguire Scene Work– Part 5

Dustin is his own harshest critic, even when the director enjoys and the audience enjoys him. Find out how he discovers methods to concern, review and enhance his perfomance.


What I Learned in Acting Class

Dustin gained from the most popular acting instructors of his day, consisting of Lee Strasberg– hear the ideas and stories that stuck to him.


Researching Your Character

Whether he’s studying females’s singing patterns or slipping into San Quentin jail– Dustin carries out in-depth research study to develop credible and unforgettable characters.


Creating Your Character

The essence of Raymond Babbit originated from an unexpected singing tick; Benjamin Braddock grew from Dustin’s youth memories. There’s nobody method to bring a brand-new character to life, however these are a few of the manner ins which have actually worked for Dustin.


Saying Your Lines

Remembering your lines is simply the primary step. Here’s how Dustin approaches a brand-new script to bring life to words on a page.


Funny Business

You can’t constantly prepare for the laugh. Dustin discusses how to establish your comic impulses and utilize daily life as your comical motivation.


Staying In The Moment

When you leave the script behind and make things up as you go, the outcomes can be motivating, enjoyable, or in some cases flat-out humiliating. You need to want to stop working to accomplishment as a star.


Stage and Screen

For a play, you practice for weeks. On a movie set, you may get 10 minutes. As a star who trained for the phase, Dustin shares how he altered his method to the craft for the cam.


Dustin’s Story

From college dropout to Oscar-winning star, discover a bit more about your instructor.


Being Present: Good Will Hunting Scene Work– Part 1

Discovering to look beyond the script to what’s not being stated, and utilizing that effective subtext to expose parts of yourself is the essence of Dustin’s method to acting. Dustin uses this lesson to a scene from Good Will Hunting.


Be Yourself to Be the Character: Good Will Hunting Scene Work– Part 2

You’re doing it incorrect if the audience isn’t seeing your tricks. Pressing yourself to confess and accept your most unpleasant and uncomfortable facts will assist bring depth and sincerity to the characters you play. See how brave you can discover to be.


Embracing Your Vulnerability: Good Will Hunting Scene Work– Part 3

No one’s ideal– and audiences will enjoy you for it. When Dustin directs 2 stars to draw upon their own insecurities, view a scene from Good Will Hunting come to life.


Creating a Relatable Character: Good Will Hunting Scene Work– Part 4

Find out how to craft an ageless, relatable character that audiences will fall for.


Staying True to Yourself: Good Will Hunting Scene Work– Part 5

Dustin never ever lets a script hold him back from providing what he thinks is the best efficiency. Here’s how to remain real to yourself without getting fired.


Working Together

Get Dustin’s expert ideas on how to keep an open, innovative environment on set, regard your fellow stars, and most significantly– unwind.



Dustin has actually invested his profession defying “leading guy” stereotypes. Here’s how to take the best dangers to set yourself apart from the crowd and deal with the rejection all stars deal with.


Making Acting Your Living

After uncomfortable rejections, how do you stop the candle light inside you from stressing out? Dustin clarifies the hard choices associated with making acting your living.


Great Mistakes

It can be more difficult than you believe to discriminate in between a mishap and a stroke of genius. The most renowned scene in Midnight Cowboy was an on-set mishap. Make every error a chance.


Always Be Working

Dustin closes his MasterClass with one lesson he desires every star to bear in mind.