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How to Rocket Your.
YouTube Video.
From Nowhere

to # 2 In Google

In 4 Weeks or Less

Advanced YouTube Blackhat Course - Chad Kimball

Also, How to Outrank Competitor Videos.
Make money from Youtube With No Website,

And Dominate Youtube

Did you understand that has nearly as lots of everyday pageviews than

  • A couple of years back, Youtube went beyond Google in page views for the very first time (see screenshot listed below).
  • Google leads Youtube now, however just by a little portion.
  • Youtube is thesecond biggest online search engineworldwide. (2nd just to google)
  • The greatest seen video of perpetuity overcomes 5 million viewseach day (average).
  • Proper usage of Youtube can get you 20,000+ month-to-month visitors.

Advanced YouTube Blackhat Course - Chad Kimball YoutubeGooglePageViews
Imagine 20,000visitors concerning your site or affiliate link from Youtube.

Nearly all online marketers consume on google traffic, IGNORING Youtube traffic entirely.



A Handful of “YouTube Experts”
Don’t Want You To Know
How to Guzzle The YouTube Money Geyser


Youtube traffic is challenging to comprehend. It is off the radar of lots of online search engine professionals. A number of them have no concept how to earn money from Video traffic.

Even even worse, there are TWO different altgorithms to comprehend.

First you need to comprehend Youtube’s own online search engine. It gets more searches than Bing and even Yahoo– 2nd just to Google itself.

Then you need to comprehend how to rank a Youtube video in GOOGLE search. An entirely various formula.

Once you master both, you can get DOUBLE the traffic.

And those who have actually figured this out DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT IT

Do not take my word for it. Go to today and take a look at the most seen videos of perpetuity. Take a look at where the videos are pointing. (Especially videos NOT owned by huge brand names).

You will see that a handful of underground online marketers have actually been silently smiling as the $$ gathers from Youtube, while everybody else neglects Youtube traffic.

I’m not going to sit on these tricks.

I’m going to reveal you how to do it.

You may be believing … if this is such an excellent trick, why are you going to inform me about it?

Due to the fact that …

Over one billion special users go to YouTube monthly.

Over 6 billion hours of video are viewed monthly on YouTube

That is ample traffic to walk around, do not you believe?

The days of simple SEOand PPCtraffic are over, however Youtube is presently a brand-new windfall. The arbitrage chances are absoultely crazy.


Learn the tricks now,
prior to it ends up being as competitive as SEOand PPC


Now it is EASY, and many of the huge gamers still have not figured out the tricks of Youtube.

I’m going to reveal you how to capitalize YouTube traffic NOW.

I’ve created an enormous house research study course that reveals you, action by action, how to do it.

Here is simply a few of what these videos cover:.


  • How to get your youtube video to appear on the very first page of the natural search results page in 24 hours.
  • How to lawfully “take” traffic from the top 20 youtube videos of perpetuity (it just takes 10 minutes and you do not even require your own video) Imagine countless visitors concerning your site from the very first page of Youtube.
  • Quick and Easy methods to rank for longtail traffic, this works really quickly.
  • How to beat ANY youtube contending video, knock it out of position, and (lawfully) take its traffic.
  • Easy, quickly, and low-cost method to to rank in Youtube’s internal online search engine (it is a totally various formula from ranking in google)
  • How to automate getting pals, customers, likes, and remarks (tip: all of these things are essential for ranking youtube videos in more competitive markets)
  • How to take any video in your account, and insert thumbnails to other videos inside it after it has actually been submitted.
  • When a video has actually gone viral,

  • A 5 minute modification that enables you to direct traffic anywhere.
  • Make loan from affiliate links, lead gen projects, regional SEO, all from Youtube!
  • A technique for determining LOSER videos that might really make you more loan from less views.
  • Increase revenues and leads by connecting to a non Youtube website from your annotations.
  • How to keep youtube audiences from getting sidetracked by unimportant “associated videos” and make them click your site and videos rather!
  • 5 minute edit to your video description that will increase your traffic by 423%
  • How to recognize which youtube videos will increase in traffic in the future, and which will drop to absolutely no.
  • Predict just how much traffic you will obtain from a Youtube Video prior to investing at any time on it.
  • 4 modifications to make to a video that can quadruple its revenues and traffic
  • How you can make enormous YouTube Profits WITHOUT having any video of your own
  • How to get on YouTube’s “Most Viewed” list within 9 minutes (Massive Traffic)
  • If a video will be popular


  • Where to discover a secret tool that anticipates.
  • How to develop your own videos free of charge, without a video camera.
  • Discover which clickbank items will offer on YouTube (and which ones will come a cropper)
  • How to increase your video views by 1500% (this might spend for your home loan)
  • Learn simple and fast mass video circulation (send your video to 18 video websites free of charge)
  • A secret page on youtube that exposes video audiences interests so you can quickly make money from them. (programs their gender, age, interests, area and so on.)
  • Learn how to place external links on TOP of Youtube Videos (brand-new loophole-this can increase your clicks by a minimum of 100%)
  • Did you understand Google is now indexing the speech in your videos? Find out how to break the code and enhance it for major revenues.
  • How to require Youtube to let you pick your thumbnail image (this “thumbnail formula” was formerly unidentified to a lot of online marketers)
  • Legally take video views from your rivals’ videos by making a 1 minute modification to your video.
  • Discover a simple, complimentary tracking system that really couple of understand how to utilize. Use it to your YouTube videos and increase your revenues 100 fold.
  • How to securely use blackhat connecting for simple and exceptionally fast youtube video rankings
  • Google’s Penguin algorithm impacts Youtube videos in a different way than sites, enables you to get away with a great deal of blackhat methods for fast rankings. My course reveals you how to do this.
  • How to funnel link authority from high PR/high PA pages on google plus, into your your youtube videos. (in some cases this strategy by itself can rank your video on page 1 of google).
  • Learn a technique for generating income with youtube and google streetview.
  • Two concealed “function” buttons inside your youtube account that can turn a DUD video into a moneymaking maker. Barely anybody learns about these 2 buttons, they are 3 or 4 levels deep into your youtube account.
  • Discover how Youtube’s licensing dropdown menu can trigger your video to be replayed tremendously, and immediately include backlinks to your video at the exact same time.
  • How to end up being a “associated video” to the greatest traffic videos in your market, drawing traffic from your rivals videos to your own. (You can actually DOMINATE the ENTIRE associated videos list with YOUR OWN VIDEOS utilizing this strategy)

The Youtube Cash Course.
Includes This Software:.

Advanced YouTube Blackhat Course - Chad Kimball YTbotsScrShots

15Minute Ranking Software (LAUNCH ONLY).

  • Allows you to get traffic together with the leading videos of perpetuity
  • I’ve taught this “15minutes to enormous youtube traffic” strategy for a long period of time (a number of my previous consumers understand what I’m speaking about) however it was a great deal of manual labor to get the traffic. This automates the majority of the procedure, enabling you to rank for more keywords, much quicker.

Daily Visitors Scraper:.

  • Tracks any video you want in time, to offer accurate everyday search counts for your rivals videos (youtube statistics page just enables unclear price quotes of this information for your rivals)
  • Combine this with my methods for affecting the “associated videos” list so your video appears as an associated video to ANY video in your market.
  • Know precisely where your rivals videos are getting their traffic so you can snipe their great keywords (in some cases these do disappoint up in typical keyword tools)
  • Siphon traffic from the surprise traffic sources of your rivals (they might be getting views from sources you do not understand about however I’ll teach you how to utilize this software application to funnel that traffic to yourself.)

I understand I’m heading out on a big limb here. And yes, there are most likely individuals out there who will make the most of me and utilize this generous deal as a method to simply get my YouTube Cash Course free of charge.

That’s a danger I’m ready to take due to the fact that I KNOW these YouTube Secrets will alter your life.

And I trust you. Your word is gold here.

There is a catch. The reality is, I’ve never ever provided this total “Youtube Cash” Training Kit with a discount coupon prior to. I do not understand for how long I’ll keep providing this.

Honestly, a lot of individuals might take this extremely low-cost deal, I’ll be overwhelmed with orders and not able to supply the high level of customized service my consumers should have. The cost will go on hold while I enjoy the dust settle if this occurs.

I’m just making this offered for a little while.

Youtube traffic comes Instantly with these Techniques.

You might quickly pay for the expense of the videos 7 days is up.

Just get on this danger complimentary trial deal today …

Advanced YouTube Blackhat Course - Chad Kimball YTcashBox

What’s Included in the.
Upgraded Youtube Cash Course Videos:.

    If you do not own them!),

  1. How to get Traffic from the Highest Viewed Videos of All time (even
  2. How to Predict Youtube Trends Before They Happen and Profit!
  3. The Youtube Scraper: Track Daily Video Views
  4. The Youtube Scraper Part 2: Graph Daily Video Views
  5. How to Predict How Many Views A Video Will Get
  6. Find Profitable Youtube Niches With The Free Youtube Keyword Tool
  7. The Youtube Search Engine Formula
  8. Keyword Research for Google Ranking (Don’t Skip This)
  9. Keyword Research Using Market Samurai
  10. My Strategy for Making Money with Clickbank+ Youtube: No Website Needed
  11. How to Identify Clickbank Products that Sell
  12. Accurately Predict How Much Money You Will Make From Each Video
  13. Create Your Own Videos For Free, Without a Camera
  14. Create Your Own Videos Without a Camera Part 2
  15. Quick and Easy Mass Video Distribution (How to make money from video websites besides Youtube)
  16. Forcing Youtube to Let You Choose Your Thumbnail Image (enormously increases view count)
  17. Annotations: Keep Viewers On Your Videos PLUS External Linking
  18. Place External Links Directly on a Youtube Video to any Site You Want
  19. TubeToolbox, a Crucial Tool for Whitehatters and Blackhatters Alike
  20. How to Rank YouTube Videos in Google with 50 K-200K Competing Results
  21. How to Increase Your Video Views by 1500%
  22. Get High PageRank Backlinks From Video Responses
  23. YouTube InVideo Programming– Quickly and Easily Up Your Views
  24. Increase Your Rank by Optimizing Youtube Transcriptions (barely anybody learns about this strategy)
  25. Get Your Video in Google’s Top 10 In 3 Days
  26. More (Fast) Ways to Get Into Google’s Top 10
  27. How (and Why) to Track Your Sales Process
  28. How to: Adwords Conversion Tracking
  29. How to: Tracking Using Hypertracker
  30. How to: Tracking Using Google Analytics
  31. How to: Tracking Using
  32. Bonus Blackhat Video

Advanced YouTube Blackhat Course - Chad Kimball SEOvideoWarrior
Now Including SEO Video Warrior!Six Modules of 3-4 videos each, plus the SEO Video Warrior report to get you began quickly!

  • Module 1– Vital Mindsets and Concepts for Video Marketing
  • Module 2– The power of Demonstration
  • Module 3– The power of Emotion
  • Module 4– SEO Secrets that get Your Video Ranked in 24-48Hours
  • Module 5– Secret Technique that Multiplies your Marketing 100-200Times!
  • Module 6– Making Videos without A Camera